Deep Submergence Geophysics

PI Tominaga’s one of core reserach strengths is to utilize geophysical remote sensing technology through operating deep submergence vehicles. MAPLES has been establishing its research portfolio to map and characterize seafloor/subsurface using these state-of-art technology.

Deep Submergence Vehicles we have worked with:

AUV Sentry  (US-NDSF)

AUV Abbys/Remus 6000 system (GrermanyGEOMAR)

AUV AutoSub (UK_National Oceanography Centre)


ROV ISIS (UK-National Oceanography Centre)

ROV Victor (France-Ifremer)

ROV Hercules (Ocean Exploration Trust)

DSL 120 Deep Tow (former NDSF, currently HMR)

TAMU Deep Tow system